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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  July 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bay as well. there has been buildup on some of those clouds and the lows cannot cool off. thunderstorm activity will pop up again. deaf fitly the moisture is in place again. there are some areas that are barely below 70 degrees. some to the north bay are a little cooler. there is a decent delta breeze. that will collapse later in the day. you can see all of that moisture taking a central california. some of that almost probably lift at south bay more than anywhere else. combination of sun and clouds. hot inland. 90s to 100s. those are all cloud driven. 60s near the coast. here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is starting off pretty well. let's go to the east shore freeway and talk about the speeds here. 65 miles an hour, 1 minute
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drive time between the carquinez bridge and maze. when you get to the toll plaza, you will see traffic is light at the toll plaza with no major delays coming through. there is a little delay on the left hand side for some of those viewers. 580 westbound is busy as you drive across the altamont pass but not stop and go yet. it is 4:30, let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news. crews are battling a fast moving fire in oakland. it started a short time ago on mel rose avenue. the fire still burning right now. ktvu channel 2 reporter christien kafton is talking to witnesses at the fire scene. >> reporter: people still showing up. let's give you a live look right away so you can see the firefighters have just started spraying water on this building. now from what we understand, from what witnesses tell us, the fire started in that upper unit where you see that steam and smoke coming out of right now. we talked with people who live in the lower unit.
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if we pan over to the right, you can see that there is another building that caught on fire by that initial fire as well. firefighters in there trying to control the fire. you may also notice at the scene right now very dark. pg&e on scene and has killed power to parts of this neighborhood. when we first arrived on scene, we saw two buildings engulfed in flames and a power line down and sparking in front of these homes. at least two buildings now evacuated. we are hearing there may be more evacuations around the area. crews still working on putting this fire out. as i said earlier, we talked to a couple that lived in one of the units that is still on fire right now. >> reporter: the neighbor upstairs said call the fire department. the house is on fire. and that at that point we started to get our stuff together and we managed to get out and we saw her standing in the door. i guess she was trying to throw some water or something on it.
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she finally got out. >> reporter: that neighbor telling us that he believes that everyone made it out of this fire safely. everyone out of the two buildings that we have watched burn this morning. they were even able to rescue cats and dogs that were in the building. we are looking to speak with oakland fire to get a sense on what may have separate started this fire. again at this point we are at 46th avenue and melrose. this is still a very active fire scene. the fire started in that upper unit there, spread to the the lower unit and then to the neighboring building. pg&e on scene has killed power to parts of the neighborhood because as we saw, there was a downed power line. no word on when power will be restored. and at this point still nonword exactly when this fire will be put out. we have freddy jackson here. we just saw freddy. how are you dealing with this right now? are you concerned for anything else going on with this fire in
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terms of your possession? >> yeah. i'm worried about my possession but as long as everybody made it out, you know. that is what i'm concerned about. everybody made it out. nobody is dead. nobody is burning up. >> what are rt firefighters telling you? >> that red cross is coming out and we can talk to them. try to get shelter and stuff like that. >> freddy jackson, good luck. thank you for sharing your story. we'll let you know. this is still a very active scene here in oakland be we will continue to update this story throughout the morning. we are live in oakland, christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. happening now crews are patching up one of the most famous roads in los angeles after a massive water main break flooded streets in and around the ucla campus. this is video from overnight as repair teams work to fill a giant hole on sunset boulevard. that water main break created a guise tear sent water shooting
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30 feet in the air. this is video from yesterday. as it was gushing 35-75,000 gallons of water every minute. people this morning are being urged to avoid sunset boulevard while crews repair that line. mow inspectors do not know what caused that 30-inch diameter pipe to burst. but they believe wear and tear to the 93-year-old line was a factor. staircases on the ucla campus turned into rivers and check that out. that is the inside of polly pavilion. several athletic fields are flooded. and polly pavilion the historic basketball and volley ball arena. investigators have not determined if polly pavilion will be usable this year. >> polly pavilion hastingen quite a bit of water and two of
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our parking structures has gotten a bunch of water. >> 8-10 million gallons of water was lost before the line was shut down. service was cut to some homes but it has been restored. water district officials are asking people in los angeles to conserve even more water than before. while there are no reported injuries from this water main break, there were some close calls. >> this is exactly what we're afraid of. we had somebody that were in the water, they got swept off their feet and they got trapped underneath their car. >> many cars and buses got stuck in that rushing water and mud. firefighters searched more than 200 vehicles and rescued five people who were trapped in their cars. now the los angeles department of water and power is coming under heavy criticism. people are asking why it took crews 3.5 hours to shut down
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the line. millions of gallons of water were wasted in the middle of this drought. and in 30 minutes from now the department's explanation for its response time. the owner of the oakland raiders is responding to reports his team is considering a possible move to texas. the san antonio newspaper is reporting mark davis is looking at possible stadium sites in that city. davis confirms he met with city leaders in san antonio two weeks ago but he said he would only go there to honor his close friend and former raider great cliff branch. however, his current chances of getting a new stadium in oakland appear slim. >> building a new stadium is $800 million. >> the raiders are in the final year of their lease at the oakland coliseum. the move out of oakland could happen as soon as next year with the raiders initially playing at the alamo dome in
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san santonio. yesterday the alameda county supervisors approved the new ten-year lease agreement for the a's. it includes a provision allowing the raiders to tear down the stadium for a new football stadium. a bay area tech company is offering a $10,000 reward for any information to help catch who stole a half million in new products. the staff says yesterday morning they found a reangular hole. two wooden palettes have been positioned to hide the hole outside. once insides staffers say 100 newly delivered battery packs have been stolen. they provide all day power to smart phones and tablets. and they were able to help boost profits for the three- year-old company. >> this is a young tech start-
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up company. we are all very young. we are still paying off college loans. this is very difficult to have to deal with. >> the staff say the landlord told them the tenant had a van stolen. police in mountain view are asking for the public's help to find a missing woman from wisconsin. she was in the bay area for work and scheduled to return home this friday. police say she was last seen leaving a lucky super market near highway 85 around 2:00 a.m. on sunday. police say ever fully was last seen intoxicated. the man accused of trying to kidnap and sexual assault a girl in san leandro is expected to be in court today. martin gonzalez tried to pull the girl into his car but she
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managed to fight him off. she ran to a nearby youth center where she recently took a self-defense class and got help. because of her quick thinking, she was not hurt and she was able to give a good description of her attacker. shortly afterwards they arrested gonzalez. a congressional report will show four profit colleges have received $1.7 billion from the gi bill. that includes financially troubled cover ritz january colleges. those schools operate under heald, wyotech. that is forcing it to sell or close more than 90 of its campuses around the country including several in the bay area. next week the u.s. military will take a closer look into how army sergeant bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban. he is expected to meet with the general next week who is investigating his disappearance and capture. some soldiers who served with
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bug call accuse him of desertion, deliberately leaving his post in afghanistan. bergdahl is back on regular duty at a texas army base. working with the unit responsible for homeland defense. finally getting the green light. over night the city council in richmond approved chevron's plan for a major upgrade. the changes made to a the proposal. >> but first an app aimed at fixing a problem may create a bigger one. after the break the way a high- tech solution to replace house keys could open doors for criminals. >> we are still looking at a commute that is doing well. if you are driving on highway 4 you can see it here. >> we are surrounded by clouds. even fog on the coast or the tropical clouds. and there is another batch of clouds just to the south. we'll see if any of that plays into our forecast today.
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hayward neighborhood was
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sealed off for more than seven hours yesterday after concerns there could be a bomb. alameda county sheriffs deputies went to a home on gainesville avenue to serve an eviction notice. inside they home they found suspicious notes and items. sheriffs deputies sealed off that area and called in a swat team. a neighbor says she texted a man who lives in the house. >> if you went crazy and made a bomb, let me know so i can get out of here. he is like i have no idea what you are talking about. >> no bomb was found and no one was inside the home. neighbors that have been evacuated were allowed to return to their homes around 530 last night. the oakland police department is receiving high marks for complying with reforms mandated a year ago. the reforms are part of the settlement in the oakland riders police misconduct
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scandal. improvements have included a better police review board, analyzing the race for those stopped by police. a traffic stop in palo alto one year ago has led to a civil rights lawsuit. a man has filed papers in federal court claiming his constitutional rights were violated after officers pulled him over in owing of 2013. tyler harney claims the two officers roughed him up causing serious injuries. however police say the officers acted in self-defense. calling on federal investigators to take a closer look at the police department. it's time for the feds to step in after four deadly officer involved shootings in four months. all four people who died were latino men. burres was joined by family
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members of the men killed. >> this sounds like kill now and ask questions later. very unprofessional officers we've got. we are asking for justice. >> frank alvarado's son was holding a cell phone when he was shot by police earlier this year. a mother of two small children from oregon still missing this morning and now there have been reported sightings of her in washington, michigan, and her in california. he last saw his wife jennifer on thursday night when she left to go run errands. she stopped at a gas station and atm. her family is fearing the worse saying she would never willingly leave her two-year- old and six-year-old sons. new websites and apps allow
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you to order replacements simply by paying a fee and taking a couple photos of the key you need to duplicate. there is concern the technology could be misused. >> it's like if they give your keys to a valet they may know where you live. >> keys dupely dated says it has cut tens of thousands of keys since it opened. i want to go back to the breaking news we are following in oakland. these are live pictures. firefighters battling a fast moving house fire. it looks like fire crews made very good work in battles this fire. investigators say the fire started in one building and quickly spread to another. there is no word of any injuries. we also understand pg&e crews
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have just arrived on scene to kill power to the neighborhood. many of those residents were able to get out safely. your time is 4:48. let's head to sal castaneda. hello sal. >> reporter: hello claudine and hello brian. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's see what we have now. the traffic is moving along well at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems getting across the bridge into san francisco. it has been a pretty nice drive. if you are driving on the 880 freeway traffic looks good to the san mateo bridge. and across the bay it's an 11my drive. i want to mention. but the rest of the traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
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it's either low clouds or tropical clouds. up in the sierra and a big batch that remains tropical storm herman. you can see a little line here. maybe even into lake county as well. this will lift out pretty fast but it is there. the moisture also around fresno. this is lighting up pretty well. this is incredible it continues. up to mammoth and heading up toward the sierra nevada. a couple of 50s here. east bay temps anywhere from mid 60s to upper 60s. 68 in brentwood. san ramon 64. these are way you have there. lafayette 65 and temperatures here are really warm. they are very, very cool for much of the great lakes and all the way down. even into up state new york. there have been reports of record lows. record low maximum temperatures
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in cincinnati and dayton as 73. 54 in bismarck. omaha is 55. 52 up in tahoe. 70 in ukiah. that is also some of the cloud cover you can see right there that is keeping their low way, way up. we are just between. if some of the clouds will lift farther north that will cool our inland temps down. we've got a lot of low clouds. a few buildups here. they are north, east and south. if the the clouds don't make it and sunny 90s to 100s. anywhere from 60s and 70s and 90s inland. just unbelievably persistent. there is a northwest breeze as we head toward the rest of the week which is not something we've seen lately which is why water temps are very cool. that may cool things off as we head toward the weekend. >> thank you. coming up it's being called
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israel's heaviest air and artillery assault. >> but first way to beat the heat. after the break the new place where algae contamination concerns are leaving people hot and bothered.
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president obama is
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announcing new sanctions against russia. this comes as a team of international investigators remain blocked from reaching the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17. president obama says the new round of sanctions will effect key sectors of the russian economy. those include defense companies, banks, and oil exploration. this comes after russia president putin refused to help stop the constant fighting in east ukraine. which has stopped investigators from reaching the area. >> every day that goes by is another day lost in possible loss of human remains and of really crucial evidence. >> the team that has been prevented from reaching the site includes dutch investigators in charge of finding out what happened. they say they have made it two- thirds of the way to the fight before heavy bombing forced them to turn back. a large wild fire continues to threaten yosemite national park and two main roads that link that bay area to yosemite remain closed. the fire that started along the
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western edge of the park has burned more than 3,000 acres. it is just 19% contained. right now the park and all of its entrances remain open. but part of highway 120 are closed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. all evacuation orders have been lifted for another wild fire. that fire has burned more than 400 acres but is now 85% contained. it was started by someone driving over a patch of dry vegetation. that fire has destroyed 19 homes. water has been shut off at a popular pond in oakland amid algae concerns. the pond is in frog park. located in the rock ridge neighborhood. alameda county shut off the water friday after learning its pump. as we told you last week, a toxic algae bloom closed the lake to swimmers. and now a popular water park is shut down, many visitors are
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becoming increasingly frustrated on what to do with their children. >> we were going to have a play date and get together and play in the water. all of our six kids together. this is kind of disappointing. >> oakland public works says no one is in charge of testing the pond since it is not a designated swimming area. however they tested the water yesterday but won't have the results until later this week. 499 hens are getting a second chance at life after being rescued from an egg farm. jan manages animal places rescue ranch located in the foothills around vacaville. her newest residents were rescued from an egg farm. they were also kept in conditions that led to health problems such as malnutrition and para sites. >> they are not pleasant. they are not pleasant. they are in cages so small they can't spread their wings. they cannot walk.
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>> the hens are getting healthier and are starting to adopt typical hen behavior. she says in the past five years, they have rescued 14,000 chickens. she did not reveal the name of the egg farm where the hens were rescued from because she hopes to work with other farms to save more hens that are in danger of being killed. coming up traffic troubles outside the new 49ers stadium. >> people started yelling at each other. >> in 15 minutes the action being taken today to help fix the problem before the big games. >> and we continue to follow breaking news where firefighters are responding to a fire that has damaged two homes in oakland. ktvu christien kafton has been talking with people who nearly escape those flames. he'll have a live report for us coming up. >> we are still looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on highway 24 getting up to the tunnel, we'll tell you more about this this commute. >> there is plenty going on. just not too much over us.
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some clouds and showers up to mendocino county and even a thunderstorm in fresno. around us just mainly fog. there could be an increase in those high clouds. ?ññ;ñ;
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gushing water, major flooding, filling the streets of ucla for nearly three hours. tough questions facing the water department. >> and after a long battle, a vote on major upgrades at the chevron refinery in richmond. the decision reached and the possible multimillion dollar benefit to the community. >> thieves target a startup company in union city. we will tell you what the burglars stole and why it was such a blow to the company's owners. good morning. you are taking a live look in oakland. we are following breaking news. firefighters still on the scene of a fire. you can still see smoke coming from their homes. two damaged homes at least. in the past 35 minutes firefighters have made a lot


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